Vintage Crochet & Linen Book - Beautiful Crochet on Household Linen Klickmann

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Original and Vintage publication dating from early 1900's leading to the WW1 war years - NOT a reproduction or digital

If you love vintage home fashion or are a crafter looking for traditional skills and designs perhaps then this is a book for you – the photographs and drawings and photos are absolutely wonderful  and of course these are not recreations but are actually of the early part of the 20th century period. As a resource for designers this book will be invaluable - and if you enjoy crocheting then you can make your own authentic vintage items.
113 pages if patterns and instruction


Condition: Overall condition - Signs of wear and some discolouration, has a partial loose spine in places (still stitched but glue has perished)  - Overall good.
Great for any vintage craft collection